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Tour bites: The panzerotto gourmet experience



Lu Panzù  was born in X in the province of X  from an idea of the X family who, in love with their land, thought one day to export in Switzerland the historical culinary tradition of panzerotto and typical local products respecting the use of Italian & local ingredients with a completely innovative formula.


Our aim is to reinvent the Italian Street Food concept of Panzerotto by introducing high quality regional Italian ingredients & promoting 100% Italian products.

About Us


Lu Panzú is a concept created by a group of friends & food lovers, who believe that regional identity as well as the use of local & raw ingredients are the key to success.

The panzerotto is a great alternative to a sandwich, a pizza or a succulent plate of pasta.

Our panzerotto is a complete and fulfilling meal wrapped in a crusty & mouthwatering culinary envelope. 

A strong combination of local produce, local expertise & very distinct Mediterranean flavours form our products, with an especial touch of luxurious taste in our truffle panzerotto.

We aim to embrace the distinct identity of the Italian kitchen from North to South, with selected ingredients.

Our vehicle is flexible, dynamic & placeable anywhere - from a public square to a private home.

It's all about a love for food, entrepreneurial energy & appreciating small businesses!



Lu Panzú is unique in its dough and stuffing.


The dough is a blend of Italian durum wheat flour & durum wheat semolina, produced by artisanal procedures, without any chemical bleaching or additives.


Before turning into a panzerotto, the dough has three stages of yeasting, making it very digestible.


The stuffing of Lu Panzú is the result of our meticulous & creative research. Mozzarella, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts and all the other ingredients contained in our panzerotti are organic, sourced from companies based in Valle d'Itria & the surrounding area of Apulia. Our suppliers are recognized in the region for their quality and credibility.


We source our black truffle in the region of Piedmont, where the real truffle experience originated more than 100 years ago.


Lu Panzú is a combination of our passion for Italy and our "tour bites" philosophy, making it accessible, dynamic and flexible for each gourmet lover.

Why Lu Panzú


We would like to reinvent and promote a famous recipe from Apulia, reinterpreting the traditional panzerotto with high-quality, local & Italian ingredients that become accessible due to a "tour bites" format, open for everyone in an easy and compact way.

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